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When Personal Transporter Meets Robotic Sidekick, You Get the Segway Loomo

There's the Segway miniPRO, and then the all-new Segway Loomo, which is like an R2-D2 of sorts that you can actually ride. This robot has been designed to function smoothly on just about any outdoor terrains, like grass or bumpy sidewalks, and performs tasks when it senses certain gestures. For example, when a user says "Loomo transform," the robot's face will swivel and looks up at you, and, if nothing is said, it will go explore its surroundings. Other features include: snapping photos or capturing videos with its 1080p camera, a quad-core Intel Atom Z8750 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. When fully charged, Loomo can travel up to 11 mph for 20 miles. Continue reading for another hands-on video, more pictures and information.

"Equal parts personal assistant and self-balancing scooter, Loomo is equipped with a clever AI that makes it far more than just another mode of transportation. For instance, it can follow you autonomously when you're not riding, can shoot photos or auto-stabilized video, and you can control it via gestures and/or your voice. You can even control it with your smartphone and communicate through the robot," according to Hi Consumption.

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